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We have rich experience on supplying cooler bag, breast milk storage bags, diaper bag, ice pack so on for over 10+ year. Our design products are well selling on many online shops e.g. Amazon, Lazada, Shoppee, Alibaba, Taobo and many more. 

We have perfect warehoue system, can delivery  you gwithin 7 days. We constantly develop new products and we care about customer feedback.

About products: We specialized in breast feeding and baby or mom related products. We have nice quality and the good price. We care about the health of mothers and babies. Our products meet the needs of mothers and babies. Let the majority of mother breastfeed no longer trouble.

About quality:We carry out quality testing and control with SGS, as well as a good QC system. And also have lots for positive feedback in online shop (For example: Amazon, Lazada, Shoppee....) Income materials are very controlled. Our products are safe and BPA free, are very satisfied by our customers.

More service:

Long-term for enterprise customers to provide warehousing services
FBA delivery, Door to Door, express, export by sea/air
R&D according to customers' requirements
Take photos, PS photos and product instruction…..

Please contact me as following contact information.

Whatsapp:+86 18117140199


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